When we talk about the #GlowWell pillar of Nutrition, we're talking about "Eating for Radiance" - an approach to food rooted in a mindset shift that goes deeper than a list of beauty foods to include or tempting treats to avoid.

Eating for Radiance is about changing your mindset and choosing in alignment with your intentions. It's about educating yourself with what your body needs nutritionally so that you can eat the foods that nourish it on the highest level.  It's about taking control with both information and inspired action, and exploring your relationship with food in an intentional loving way so that you can thrive.

We begin with six foundations detailed below, but these really are just the starting point. The key to making this sustainable is connecting to a bigger well of passion for both food and for yourself.  We've included a few of our favourite recipe books below but feel free to bookmark your favourite blogs or just get experimenting in the kitchen!


WHY - Packed full of vitamins and minerals, greens are the powerhouses of the plant world. Providing a rich spectrum of phytonutrients, they have a super-alkalising effect on the body easing symptoms of inflammation. They're also great fibre sources helping to keep the body's digestive system functioning optimally. WHAT - Kale massaged with olive oil, spinach tossed into smoothies. broccoli roasted with paprika and lemon, garden peas tossed into salads, sprouts stir-fried with garlic and orange zest, even courgettes grated into your banana bread.


WHY - The building block of the body, protein is a component in every cell of the body. It's used to build muscle and repair tissue, as well as to produce hormones and enzymes. Plant proteins are easier for the body to digest than animal proteins, and are also more nutrient dense due to their vitamins and minerals content.  WHAT - Puy lentils sprinkled into green salads, quinoa porridge cooked in coconut milk, chickpeas roasted with black pepper, chia seed pudding, tofu marinated in a soy + ginger dressing, butter beans mashed with avocado, hemp seeds sprinkled into your smoothies


WHY -  Filling up your plate with a rainbow of colours is one of the easiest way to ensure you eat a nutrient rich diet. Fruits and vegetables get their colouring from the different combinations of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that they contain. For example, red foods contain lycopene whilst orange foods contain high levels of beta-carotene. WHAT - Butternut squash mashed with sea salt + coconut oil, blueberries tossed into oatmeal, beets roasted with a drizzle of tahini, radishes sliced up thinly onto avocado toast, strawberry "jam" mashed with chia and honey, miso aubergine grilled on the BBQ.


WHY - The gut is one of the most important organs of the body playing a key role in many aspects of our health. Eating a probiotic-rich diet is one of the easiest way to get our daily dose of beneficial bacteria and ensure that we are nourishing our digestive systems. WHAT - Sauerkraut chopped through quinoa salads, kimchi to spice up breakfast, kombucha cocktails, quick pickled carrots (like these), coconut yoghurt, miso salad dressings.


WHY - Fats got a pretty bad rap in the nineties when the fat-free movement dominated the diet industry, however with that misinformed myth now well and truly busted, fats are back in favour. Essential for healthy skin, balanced hormones and optimal brain function, fats are a crucial element in looking and feeling your best. WHAT - Tahini drizzled on roast vegetables, coconut butter stirred through your coffee, chocolate avocado mousse, almond butter bliss balls, coconut yoghurt with berries.


WHY - Dehydration is a key cause to so many symptoms and problems that we put up with daily and so ensuring that we stay hydrated is so important. Drinking water is of course crucial, but choosing water-rich foods is a wonderful way to both hydrate and nourish from the inside-out as these foods contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals within their cell structures. Plus it's also super easy - especially in the summer season! WHAT - Watermelon sliced up in salads with fresh mint/basil, courgettes grilled with lemon, radishes and celery sticks chopped up for snacking, frozen grapes in the summertime, cucumbers hollowed and stuffed with houmous, iceberg lettuce tacos.


Eat Clean, Play Dirty - Sakara Life // Well + Good Cookbook // Kintsugi Wellness - Candice Kumai

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