Let me paint a picture for you...

It's Monday Morning and as I look in the mirror, I quite literally recoil at my reflection.

I look a mess; a pasty shade of grey, blackened under eyes, two cold sores and skin broken-out in a way that I thought was long behind me. 

But this wasn't the face of post-party fun. I hadn't had a weekend of late-night bar-hopping and cocktails at brunch time.

Infact I'd spent the whole fortnight eating all my greens, drinking all the water and doing all the yoga. So what the hell had happened?

Two words... Sleep Deprivation.

When I looked back to get to the root of the problem, my brain tried to find a million other reasons before settling into the obvious and easy-to-fix root of the problem. When in fact, it was so simple. I was sleep-deprived.

My late-night Netflix habit had combined with a busier than usual work schedule to rob me of about 3hrs a night - 21 hours of the week. Nearly a whole day! 

Now this isn't a story meant to elicit fear in the late-night netflixers amongst us, but it's an example of how health can often be so simple and how a small tweak can change the game.


Our sleep habits are so unbelievably important to our wellbeing. They power-up our energy, firm the foundation of our immune system, determine our mood, and even dictate our skin's collagen production. And yet so often, they're the first to fall to the wayside.

This month I'm sharing with you my top tips for upgrading your sleep habits and getting the rest your body needs. 


HERBAL TEA  - Winding down is all about building rituals and routines that prompt the body and mind to begin to relax. Because of this, I love adding in a herbal tea for a physical and mental trigger. Try a blend including chamomile, valerian, lavender or oatflower. 

CANDLELIGHT  - Dimming lighting and switching to candles in the evening allows your eyes to adjust to a night-time environment, whilst signaling to your body that it's time to sleep. On a chemical level, darkness encourages the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sending our body to sleep.  Watch out for  your tech too as the artificial light from devices can really throw a spanner in the works. SUPPLEMENTS  -If you're struggling to nod off or find yourself waking up, you could try a magnesium supplement. This works to relax muscles, correct nerve function and help everything tick digestively. I personally find that a warm magnesium drink half an hour before bed helps to ease anxiety and settle my body after the hum of a busy day.

(Clipper Sleep Easy Infusion / HOLISTICA Ritual Candle / Nature's Plus Kalmassure Magnesium Powder)

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