One of the major reasons that what we put on our bodies is so important, is that our skin has no digestive system to dilute and discern between whether a chemical is helpful or harmful. Bathing is a pretty big part of my self-care ritual and with this in mind, I'm pretty conscious about the fact that every time I go in to soak, I'm exposing my whole body to the contents of my bubble bath.

With this in mind, this Spirulina and Himalayan salt combination is the ultimate recipe for some serious detoxification. Perfect for when you're on a cleanse, fighting through a hang-over, or simply feeling the need for a bit of a spring clean as the seasons change. After a half hour soaking in this, I always feel clearer and lighter with skin that looks seriously glowy. Almost like holiday skin without the sun!

Gram for gram, spirulina is the single most nutritionally dense food on the planet. It's high in protein which is super important in maintaining elastin and collagen for skin repair and elasticity, It's high in an anti-inflammatory component called phycocyanin (the cause of it's colour) which can help fight free radicals and boost antioxidants. And it contains tyrosine, vitamin E and selenium which slow down the ageing of skin cells and fight lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it's detoxifying effects clear away toxic gunk and heavy metal build up, with one of the more visible results of this often being lightening dark circles! The Himalayan salts are also extremely powerful at cleansing your energetic body and shifting any stuckness or blockages. Even if you're not completely sold on the whole energy element, the high mineral spectrum is wonderful for fortifying bones, skin, and connective tissue!


  • 1/2 cup of Spirulina

  • 1/2 cup of Himalayan Pink Salt

  • A few drops of essential oils

(1) Mix the spirulina and salt in a small dish. (2) Add to running water along with essential oils (we love peppermint and rosemary here). (3) And soak... (4) Layer up with coconut oil after you're out of the bath for an additional hit of skin food and hydration.

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