When it comes to sleep, it's just as important to focus on quality as it is quantity.

One of the most impactful things we can do to enhance this sleep quality is to create great habitual behaviours around our time of sleep to signal to our body that it's time to rest.

To begin, decide on the time you would like to be asleep for and work backwards with your "wind- down" ritual. This period can include anything you find helpful to relax, but most importantly it is your time to ready yourself for sacred sleep.


Not only is this a great step for ensuring skin is cleansed of dirt and pollutants, but it's also a great way to breakup with the stresses of the day. As you're washing yourself, visualise anything that has brought stress or worry you rinsing away and running down the drain.


Try a blend including valerian, chamomile or lavender (we love Sleep Easy from Clipper). These herbs are wonderful supports for relaxing your muscles and calming your nervous system, while the ritual in itself acts as a mental signal that it's bed time.


Whilst the temptation to Netflix before bed is strong, staying tech-free for the hour before sleep can really help to reduce blue light exposure which stimulates brain activity more and can make drifting off difficult. Switch to a book if you're still looking for something to wind-down with.


Headphones in and music selected, a wind-down that includes zoning out can be really helpful to quieten down environmental distractions around you. Without the hum of city traffic, housemates or television noise, it can be much easier to relax and drop into a pre-sleep state.


If sleep is stalled because of a busy mind, you could try releasing this churn of thoughts by journalling. Use prompts to tap into pockets of thoughts or free-stream to let go of some of the worries that you may have otherwise taken to bed.


Switching to candlelight in the evening allows your eyes to adjust to a night-time environment which is another natural cue that prompts your body and mind for sleep.


If you're still struggling, you could try a magnesium supplement. This naturally-occurring mineral works to relax muscles, correct nerve function and help everything tick digestively. I personally find that a warm magnesium drink (such as Natural Calm) half an hour before bed helps to ease anxiety and settle my body after the hum of a busy day.

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