This time of year can feel pretty full on...

A whole month of christmas parties, free-flowing cocktails and mince pies on tap. All of which require us to be prepped with a full face of make-up and a festive red mani to match. It's no surprise that by the 25th when we have to deal with the complexity of family dynamics that we're just so VERY exhausted.

I'm all about us living our best lives and enjoying the festive season, as there is so much magic to be found in relaxing the reigns of routine and remembering that joy is a nutrient too. However, I also don't fancy being haunted by a dull complexion and deflated mood as a result of my December decisions. Especially when I'm trying to welcome in a new decade #2020

For the last few years, I've been honing down a collection of coping strategies for all of the overwhelming moments that life has to offer, and it's fast become my toolkit of tips, tricks and supplements to navigate the festive season with ease.

My gift to you?  Sharing my favourite five below...


Try waking up to a litre of warm water and an apple cider vinegar shooter to help rebalance acid-alkaline levels in the body and calm down inflammation. You can also sip on a blended mixture of this throughout the day too to help keep sugar cravings in check,


This time of year, it's hard to deny that we're moving our bodies less. Which is inevitable, no guilt here, however one of the big benefits of exercise is that it supports our lymph system- a crucial player in our detoxification game. Another super-easy way to support the lymph is with dry body brushing. I love a cactus bristle brush and my favourite hack when I'm in a rush is to do it while the shower water is warming up.


Christmas can definitely be a pressure cooker of social stresses and heightened family dynamics. Because of this, learning to conserve your energy and say no to certain situations is vital. It isn't always easy, but the secret to preventing an argument or a moment of stress is knowing what triggers it, and I think we need to consider protecting our energy as an act of self-care. 


And whilst we're on the topic of spending, consider this your reminder to use discernment to avoid the shadow of spender's remorse. We've all had those Januarys where the pinch until payday is oh so real, and I find that so often I buy for the sake of it, there's a level of overcompensation attached. So I encourage you to prioritise thoughtfulness and gratitude over impersonal purchases. Are you choosing something that will create a moment or honour a memory? Or are you shopping for the sake-of-it? Will it be a treasured gift or just another "thing" that takes up space.


This time of year, our bodies are working overtime to process and digest all of the nutritional curveballs we're throwing (think aforementioned mulled wine and mince pies). After eating, try a cup of this to help settle your stomach and mentally signal the end of the food (to help cut post-meal grazing). Or try a cup before bed to support detoxification. If you've been drinking add in a few caps of charcoal too as they help to absorb and move toxins through the body. A total hangover game-changer.

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