For anyone who's ever felt that their skin journey has been endless and at times completely unexplainable, Laura's unique perspective on skin health offers a breakthrough. It got straight to the heart of my own skin struggles, and really gives another dimension to self-healing. Read on to explore...


I’m Laura Bruno, founder of International Renaissance Coaching and I work as a Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Intuitive Reader. I’m also an artist, Certified Permaculture Designer, and author of three books, both fiction and non-fiction.


A fateful 1998 traumatic brain injury shifted my intended life course from a professor of English Literature to a very different type of “reader.” After completing a Masters Degree in English at the University of Chicago in 1996, I spent two years in the corporate world. Just before my return to graduate school, my dream to become an English professor came to a sudden halt. I suffered a brain injury and could no longer read without debilitating migraine headaches. Unable to read print, I tapped into my ability to “read” in other ways. I began to feel people’s energy fields and used my heightened intuition to access the mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns affecting their physical health.

Four years of near-total disability initiated me into deep meditation, shamanic journeying, herbal remedies, visual therapy, energy medicine, food vibrations, the power of prayer, and a world of uncanny synchronicity. In October 2001, as part of my own recovery process, I began helping others that traditional medicine and mainstream culture left behind — encouraging clients to rewrite their stories into more magical and soulful tales of liberation, creativity, empowerment and joy. My practice evolved organically to include life coaching, spiritual guidance, Reiki instruction and sessions, as well as astrology. Specialties now include healing Lyme disease, traumatic brain injury, and other “medical mysteries,” escaping narcissistic abuse, energetic protection, and helping people transform their worst nightmares into dreams come true. My work is primarily soul and nature focused, recognizing the soul and nature as hidden beacons of our lives.


When the body starts talking to us, it means we’ve ignored subtler messages from the soul. The body speaks in the simplest metaphors it can use in order to get our attention. Common sayings, song lyrics or obvious puns tend to reveal messages in the most efficient ways, so phrases like “love the skin you’re in,” “you need a thicker skin,” or “that’s rash behavior,” often reward exploration. The skin represents the boundary between the body and the world “out there,” just like the gastrointestinal lining does on the inside. Both skin and the digestive system bring up issues of boundaries — semi-permeable membranes that require discernment about what benefits us through absorption and what needs rejection or release. When someone has skin issues, I look at the digestive system from a standpoint of “as within, so without.” Digestive can issues show up on the skin as acne, hives, boils, or mysterious rashes. But the concept of digestion goes much deeper than food. Digestion is an alchemical process, turning matter (food) into energy (calories), and we can also do the reverse, turn energy (emotions, thoughts, etc.) into matter. We call this process manifestation. Something can manifest as a symptom, object, relationship, and/or a situation. The process works both ways, and both skin and digestion can indicate how we’re handling the alchemical process of life. Do we exercise appropriate boundaries around our time, energy and space? Do we immediately reject new ideas, or do we explore how they might integrate into our lives? Do we fight within ourselves when part of us recognizes as something as good and true while a different part attacks that experience as wrong? Disharmony within shows up on the skin.

As one of our major detox organs, the skin offers an easy exit for all sorts of things we really don’t want clogging up our system. Many people already understand the importance of cleaning the colon and liver and how that can affect the health of the skin. From an intuitive standpoint, the colon represents control and the liver houses anger, especially anger stemming from frustration. Just as the body will release toxins when it feels strong enough to handle them, so it will release old emotions or issues when it senses enough of a support system to process these away. Skin offers a dramatic way of “coming out” about formerly repressed or embarrassing events, feelings or issues. Skin also serves as our most visible interface with the world. People on the verge of a big breakthrough in career or life often experience a big breakOUT on their face or a visible part of the body. It’s like giving the world a disclaimer, “I’m not worthy. Don’t believe the hype.” Many people need to amplify self love in order to handle the respect or adoration of their peers, colleagues or the masses. Since skin also relates very closely with the crown chakra — which includes our life path and nervous system — individual issues can appear quite different, even though the same underlying patterns occur. Addressing skin issues in a holistic way often takes intensive journaling and/or coaching or counseling in order to bring forth and release the underlying dynamics.


I followed a strict vegan diet for 8.5 years, much of that time as a raw vegan. I loved eating that way, but my body fell out of balance due to my rigid approach to diet. After much prayer, energy work, and dozens of high quality supplements not doing the trick, I finally realized I needed to incorporate raw dairy into my life to heal my teeth. They remineralized and amazed my dentist, but the process itself healed me. I needed to become much more flexible and intuitive with my own eating, and not follow anyone’s dogma, including my own. I needed to listen to and love my body and to extend compassion to myself as well as animals. I remain mostly vegan and mostly gluten-free, but I incorporate carefully sourced raw dairy or eggs if my body insists. In my medical intuitive work, I encounter people from all walks of life and all dietary persuasions. In general, the fresher and more organic and compassionate the food intake, the better. I find that dietary dogma creates problems in most people’s lives if followed to an extreme. Whether paleo, vegan, macrobiotic, superfood, or some other “perfect” regime, whenever someone starts equating food with self worth, life seems to disrupt that process. People need to learn what it means to nourish themselves on all levels before a balance returns in terms of food. Nutritional needs change with seasons, location, life events, health crises, empathic awareness, and the fluctuating need for expansion or grounding. Even astrological transits can affect how the body accepts, rejects or absorbs food. If I could summarize my food/lifestyle philosophy, it would be something like, “Drink pure water, and bless your food. Go with the flow in as fresh and kind a way as you can, whatever that means right now. This, too, shall pass, and when it does, go with that flow in as fresh and kind a way as you can, whatever that means then.”


A super highvibe life means welcoming both light and shadow from a place of love. Cultivate joy, but also realize that joy and sorrow unfold together. Forgive yourself for learning as you go. We all do. That’s why we’re here — to learn and grow and share along the way. Finding balance between self-empowerment and true humility is also key. For me, that means getting out in nature and recognizing beauty and truly awe inspiring intricacies and order. We come from both stardust and earth. Soul and soil are intimately connected.It all matters — as in creates matter. The more consciously and responsibly we do so, the higher vibe our lives will be


Lots! I plan to finish my second book about healing Lyme disease, tentatively called “The Metaphysics of Lyme” and hope to have that out by the end of this year. I’ve formalized 12 years of astrology studies and am taking two other online courses, have some fun travels and workshops scheduled and intend to return to writing fiction by the end of 2018. I feel blessed, and life is good!


FOODS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT... I’m reluctant to list anything lest the Universe decide to teach me that I most certainly can live without that food! I do love fresh greens and delicious vegan food, but I’ve lived without both during cleanses or other life transitions. My husband and I recently discovered Veestro, non-GMO, freshly prepared and frozen, restaurant-quality vegan entrees delivered to our door. We love those for an at home treat. We also love living in a foodie-friendly area of Southwest Michigan, which features many farm to table restaurants and fresh foods for all palates. We drink alkaline water whenever possible, along with organic coconut water and I love tulsi tea.

SKIN-LOVE ESSENTIALS... Right now, I love Josie Maran’s argan oil products, including her face sunscreen and Moonstone drops. At night, I use Cellfood gel on my face, followed by a handcrafted, small batch, whipped shea butter-coconut oil-frankincense-and-myrhh cream. My skin trends towards the very dry side of things, so keeping it clear and radiant means lots of high quality moisture, inside and out. For body moisture, I use coconut oil and/ or almond oil, and I mix in whatever essential oils feel like a match for the day. I especially like rose, geranium and grapefruit, but my choices vary by mood and season. In the past I’ve exclusively used Sumbody mineral makeups, but in my mid-forties, those now seem a little drying to me. If I wear any makeup these days, I’ll usually go for Josie Maran products. That could change tomorrow, though! In everything, I try to go with the flow when it’s gentle instead of a full blown tsunami. ;-)

WELLNESS MUST-HAVES... Fresh, clean cuisine. I also love fresh green juice. I like regular cleansing, whether through occasional juice/broth fasts, colon cleansing (I like the SoEasy 3Day Colon Cleanse), or just spending time in very mindful eating. I include fermented vegetables, chickpea miso and occasional organic fermented tempeh for probiotics, and I’m a huge fan of medicinal mushrooms.

ANY WORDS OF WELLNESS WISDOM... Blessed Be … and be the blessing.

MORNING ROUTINES... I like to journal with one cup of organic Reishi coffee or Four Sigmatic’s Cordyceps Chaga mushroom coffee. I know coffee is very controversial, but I worked hard to be able to incorporate coffee into my life due to the brain protective elements for someone who’s had multiple head traumas. Even a tablespoon of brewed coffee used to keep me awake for days, so this process took some evolution. I discovered that I do well with organic, shade grown coffee tested for mycotoxins, and mixed with potent medicinal mushrooms. I can’t drink more than one cup, but I notice positive effects from that cup. I enjoy my morning ritual of journaling by the fire as the birds sing outside with the rising sun.

SELF-CARE SUNDAY... Sundays I spend with my husband, who works during the week. We usually hike some favorite local trails or explore nearby towns and trails. I love going to the wild dunes of Lake Michigan, feeling the wind, watching the grey or blue water, and letting the waves drown out the rest of the world. Spending quality time with trees ranks high in self care, too. Sometimes we do “Sushi Sundays,” with takeout veggie sushi from a neighborhood restaurant. Other times, we make our own treats. We’ve both spent the last five years providing major support for our families and other people, so self care takes high priority right now, even during the week for me. I’m self-employed, so I build in time for writing, gardening, dancing, research, nature walks, and “me time” in between intuitive and coaching sessions.



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