This week we're chatting with Amy Wright - powerhouse of wellness inspiration and mindset motivation, and co-host of our upcoming Wellness in the City breakfast workshop. She works as a coach, workshop leader, event coordinator, speaker and writer, and in today's #MeetHer Interview, she'll be sharing her own turbulent wellness journey, how she turned her health around and the Skin-Love essentials she can't live without. Read on to find out more...


My business was born out of my deep desire to help others create abundant mental and physical health, so they can thrive on all levels and live a life that they love. Through my own health and life journey, I became passionate about the power of cultivating health from the inside out. And this passion informs the type of work I do with clients and in my business as a whole.


I would love to tell you my journey to wellness was a quick and easy route… it certainly was not, and I am still learning myself. Before I was a coach, I worked in fashion in the corporate realm. To friends, colleagues and the outside world, I probably seemed like I was really into health and fitness – I would bring prepped salads to work, drink green smoothies, go to the gym and tell everyone about what diet I was on. I seemed confident and happy, but really I wasn’t and my health was suffering. I was stressed; burning out and had a very unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol, exercise and body image. I was obsessed with perfection in life and I blamed my body for everything that fell short of that. I punished myself by smashing myself in the gym, then binge drinking and eating, then depriving myself of quality nutrition. This toxic mental and physical cycle caused me to experience weekly infections, hair loss, rapid weight fluctuation, poor skin health, panic attacks and anxiety. Again, I blamed my body for these symptoms instead of looking internally at what was really going on.

Then the universe sent me a sign that I had hit rock bottom. When my romantic relationship at the time fell through, I ended up seeking the therapy of a holistic counsellor. She told me I was suffering from PTSD and mild depression. I remember leaving her office and feeling like everything had just clicked – all of these emotional, physical and relationship problems were symptomatic. It was up to me to start from the inside out, and work on loving myself. I committed in that moment to being my own best friend and making every choice out of a foundation of love, rather than fear. This choice began as a small declaration concerning how I would prioritise my self-care, health and figure out who I was. But it has led to something far more remarkable; changing careers, countries and creating an amazing life that I love. Oftentimes, our body is a physical manifestation of our emotional body. I feel incredibly grateful that my body presented me with those signs, so I could receive the message and heal my life on every level.

I now recognise that health doesn’t result from any diet, pill, fitness class or calorie chart. It comes from a core foundation of self-respect and self-love. It has been through cultivating this deep love for who I am that I have experienced incredible shifts in my overall wellbeing, weight, skin and mental health.


Poor skin was one of the first major warning signs I was given by my body, but which I ignored for a long time. I suffered from acne in my earlier teenage years, managing to clear it around 15/16 with the use of toxic prescription skin treatments and then the contraceptive pill for about a year (PSA – if I could go back and tell my younger self anything, it would be don’t do it Amy!).

When I began University at 19, I started smoking and partying frequently, and also drinking a lot of energy drinks to cope with the stress and lack of sleep. As you might imagine, this was a recipe for disastrous skin. I think I look younger now than I did back then! Instead of assessing how my lifestyle and behaviour was affecting my skin health, I used more and more unnatural skincare to try and reverse the damage and a lot of makeup to mask my dry, dull skin. My diet was restrictive and I avoided foods with wholesome, healthy fats, which I now know was a disaster for my skin.

When I declared to turn my health around, I knew I had to address my relationship with smoking, alcohol, sleep hygiene and nutrition. I quit smoking, I gradually became sober, I focused on sleep, I stopped weighing myself, counting calories and I turned to wholefood nutrition, which would nourish me on all levels.

The last piece of the puzzle was transitioning to natural body products and skincare, the effect of which has been monumental (and much more positive than I anticipated). I never thought I would be the girl to give up drinking or change to natural products, but indeed I am!

What was most surprising was the way my hormones really balanced out from eliminating things like alcohol and chemicals, which means my mood, skin health and energy levels are generally pretty amazing. I sleep so much better too, which means I wake up energised and feel inspired throughout the day. Changing to chemical free products seemed daunting and inconvenient initially, but it was so worth it! The little extra effort or expense you pay for quality natural products not only enhances your wellbeing, but sends a message to the universe that you are worthy of thriving, balanced health. My relationship with myself has changed of one from disrespect, to deep respect. I know that natural foods and self care products are one of the best ways to honour and respect my body and mind.


Ahhh the homeland. Australia is definitely at the vanguard of healthy living, however there is still a long way to go. There tends to be very health-conscious pockets, such as Bondi in Sydney (where I was living before I moved to London) and there’s also a lot of dietary related disease and obesity. I grew up in Western Australia, where there is definitely a big focus on sports, the outdoors and the beach – all of which align with a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The weather is also beautiful most of the year, so there is less of a barrier to people getting outside, moving their bodies and eating well. A lot of activities revolve around the scenery, nature and the outdoors, which is something that inspires me and makes me feel grounded. It’s also ideal if you don’t drink alcohol, because social activities are more varied and not limited by weather. I do miss the ocean lifestyle and nature – I find it incredibly cleansing to walk by the beach everyday and there are numerous health benefits of regular swimming in saltwater. There is also a bigger interest in organic and locally grown produce, so the food aspect is also something I miss – there are more organic farmers markets, independent grocers and most fresh produce is locally sourced rather than imported. Growing up in Australia was a privilege and it is certainly a pretty amazing place to call home.


Wellness with Amy is multifaceted – I work as a coach, workshop leader, event coordinator, speaker and writer. I support my on-one clients to provide deeper insight into how their mindset impacts their thinking, health and habits and in partnership; we create clarity and actions, which perpetuate their unique wellness, career and lifestyle visions. I am also a Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, because I am a huge believer in the power of essential oils for health. The events I run range from small, intimate workshops around London, to larger global events such as the event I am running in June, which is focused on holistic mental and physical health. I also lead corporate workshops, where I provide engaging 1-hour lunchtime sessions for busy corporate offices and educate staff on how to master their nutrition and lifestyle choices, maximise their energy and enhance performance. Additionally, I am a passionate writer and contribute to various publications. My guilty pleasure is Instagram, so I’m super proud of my account and put a lot of effort into creating value for my followers.


Respect, balance & integrity are the pillars of my philosophy.

Respect for our bodies and the producers of our food – that means buying organic or locally where you can and being mindful about where your food comes from and how your body is using it. If you’re like most people (myself included) and can’t afford all organic, that’s OK too – have respect for your unique budget and make mindful choices that work for you. I recommend my clients Google the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean 15’ lists, which represent which foods have the most/least chemicals and pesticides, so they can make informed and financially wise decisions about their food.

Balance is about focusing on diverse food groups, macronutrients and micronutrients – rather than obsessing over calories. I believe in having healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein and nutrients at every plate. Restriction or fad diets have no place in my philosophy! Allowing yourself an occasional treat is also important, because deprivation isn’t enjoyable or healthy! Your gut microbiome (the healthy bacteria that lives in your intestines) benefits from a diverse range of foods and nutrients, so the more balanced and diverse your diet is, the better your health, skin, digestion, hormones and energy will be.

Integrity is about being whole, complete and undivided. Every person is whole, complete and perfect as they are. Instead of using food and lifestyle as tools to “fix” and “change” ourselves, we can instead make mindful choices which align with the transformation we would like to experience in our health journey. Integrity is all about honouring your word and committing to your word, so my philosophy is grounded in the idea that through setting intentions we can commit to loving ourselves and trusting ourselves to make aligned choices. The Integrity philosophy applies to the foods and products we consume – rather than counting calories, I think its essential to consider the integrity of the ingredients and whether those are whole and nourishing.


I feel like I am learning it and living it everyday. To me, my super high-vibe life means committing to constant self-development, allowing myself to be vulnerable, having a beginners’ mind and tuning into “what I don’t know” rather than calling on what I do know (the past). A super high vibe life isn’t about being enlightened, knowing it all or doing all the right things. On the contrary, it’s about acknowledging that I do not know it all, that I am willing to open wide to new lessons and also trusting (without knowing) that I am always being universally guided.


Inspiration, connection and leadership are my key intentions I am manifesting for the year. I also manifest daily intentions, which generally align with the 3-4 goals I have committed to for that particular day. I am also in the midst of a major business expansion and undertaking a new visa process to remain in the UK, which has its challenges. I am manifesting success, triumph and clarity in the areas of business and residency in the UK.


FOODS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT... Green Veggies, Dark Chocolate, Coconut Milk, Matcha, Organic Eggs, Wild Salmon, Avocado, Dark leafy greens.

SKIN-LOVE ESSENTIALS... Lots of filtered water, Natural skincare, Coconut oil and Doterra Essential oils, Biomel Coconut Probiotic Drink, Organic blueberries, Avocado, Milled flaxseed, Probiotic supplement (Viridian), Massages, Dry-brushing and Epsom salt baths






Supportive relationships

Eating the rainbow (lots of variety in colour)

Coconut oil

Gentle movement

Self love & respect

ANY WORDS OF WELLNESS WISDOM... No one quick fix, product, teatox, pill or restrictive diet you see on Instagram will give you what you’re looking for. Your body is a beautifully crafted and intelligent ‘computer’, which adapts and responds in relation to what we give it and how we treat it. If you overload the hard-drive, neglect it or treat it poorly, it slows down and doesn’t work or respond smoothly. If you abuse or punish your body, it will resist. By taking small steps to love ourselves and show respect for our bodies, things start to flow more smoothly and align the way we envision. To enjoy real wellness, I believe we need to think of our health holistically, considering including our mental, physical, spiritual, social and community health. Taking time to ourselves, deep breathing and learning to be grateful for what we already have are also my key tips for cultivating thriving wellness.

MORNING ROUTINES... As soon as I open my eyes, I tell my partner Tristan 3 things that I am grateful for that day. I do this before I do anything else. Then I open my windows to let in some fresh air and turn on the essential oil diffusers with a few drops of whatever oil I am vibing that morning. Then I clean my tongue with a copper tongue scraper and have a big glass of water with fresh lemon, apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cayenne. If I’m moving my body that morning I will whizz up a quick pre-workout breakfast (usually vegetables with eggs or a smoothie), or maybe a coffee or matcha and head out the door with an audio book in my ear. If I’m working that day, I will do a short meditation and then prepare myself for the workday ahead.

SELF-CARE SUNDAY... Sundays are the only day I don’t set an alarm and I allow myself to naturally wake at my own pace. Often I take this as a rest day from exercise and focus on being gentle and self-aware. As I run my own business, I often spend Sundays working from my computer, but I do so from my apartment or a nearby café with a relaxing atmosphere. I will often spend some time cooking or preparing some food for the week and attending to any outstanding “life admin”. When my partner returns home from the golf course, we sit down together to plan our goals for the week and schedule in our quality time together. We usually end the evening on a meditation and conversation about our future, upcoming travel plans or what we are both up to in our careers. Quality time together is really vital to my health and happiness, so our time together on Sunday evenings is one way I go about caring for myself and our relationship.



In honour of stress awareness month, Amy and myself are co-hosting Wellness in the City - an intimate breakfast workshop at Farm Girl Cafe. We invite you to kick-start your day with deliciously healthy food, smoothies and coffee - and a side of inspiration!

Over a nourishing breakfast, we'll be diving into how to achieve optimal wellness in the busyness of modern city living. You'll leave with a toolkit of techniques for balancing your energy levels naturally, keeping your skin clearer and staying mentally grounded in the hustle and bustle.We'd love you to join us, please click here to book your spot!

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