Energy is one of the fundamental elements of the universe. An intrinsic force connecting us to every other living thing. Every cell, organ and system within our bodies has a constant flow of natural electromagnetic energy, continually connecting and communicating with other parts of our body. It can also be better described and understood as "life force" - the energy that flows through all living things; sustaining, nourishing and even supporting the body's natural self- healing ability.

You may have heard mention of chakras before. Chakras are the body's centres of energy that spin with this universal lifeforce and the idea is that they must be balanced in order for us to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality healthy. When we are out of balance in one of these areas, or the flow of energy is blocked, that we experience problems.

Below we've outlined each chakra and their related symptoms of imbalance. You may notice some that feel familiar, which may be a clue to your own imbalance.


Our sense of spirituality

EMOTIONAL: Depression, confusion and mental disconnect

PHYSICAL: Light sensitivity, headaches, autoimmune disorders, mental health issues and neurological disorders,


Our intuition and insight

EMOTIONAL: Indecision, nightmares or immobilizing apprehension

PHYSICAL: Eye problems, hearing difficulties, spinal conditions and scalp/hair issues.


Our communication and self-expression

EMOTIONAL: Nervousness, anxiety, fear and feelings of isolation

PHYSICAL: Blocked sinus, sore throat, jaw pain and voice loss, thyroid problems, teeth/gum problems


Our ability to love

EMOTIONAL: Feeling unforgiving, hopeless, distrustful, detached and uncommitted PHYSICAL: Pneumonia, breast problems, respiratory issues, upper-back/shoulder/arm pain and premature aging,


Our confidence and control

EMOTIONAL: Feeling uncentered, struggling to concentrate , remember things or sleep PHYSICAL: Digestive disorders, food allergies, disordered eating, acne and stress-related skin issues


Our sexual/creative centre

EMOTIONAL: Disordered eating, low self-confidence, dependency issues and low libido PHYSICAL: Kidney/UTI problems, lower back pain, sexually transmitted infections or menstrual problems,


Our foundation of security

EMOTIONAL: Insecurity, loneliness, depression, addiction, phobias and obsessions. PHYSICAL: Lower-back pain, digestive problems, water retention and hip/ knee/ankle problems

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