When we talk about achieving our wellness goals or creating Skintentions, we really want to move away from the mundane and the monotonous, and look for ways to add meaning. 

This idea of  "Routines into Rituals" is about finding ways to infuse our daily actions with love and intention: multi-tasking at its finest. We want to feel nourished and supported by the lifestyle that we work hard to create, and so for us its about making every moment count. It's less about choosing habits for the sake of what we ought to be doing and more about allowing ourselves to drop into our physical bodies and be fully present.

Not only will you make something ordinary feel more sacred, but you can also lessen the low-level overwhelm and anxiety that we all experience when cruising through life spinning too many plates.


I once heard that woman should be woken up like cats...and it's a sentiment that has stuck in my mind ever since. Devoting five minutes longer to waking in a nourishing way is not only less unpleasant but it's also less disruptive to the nervous system. Wiggle your toes, stretch your body, take some deep breaths and keep your eyes closed for that little bit longer.


For many of us, our morning caffeine hit can be a necessity. So much so that skipping it can have a negative effect on our state of mind. When I was a commuter, my morning coffee was both my travel companion and my reward for leaving the house - truly one of my favourite parts of the day. And since working from home, I've kept the ritual alive by finding ways to elevate it into a nourishing experience (I add coconut cream, collagen and inulin FYI). This helps me to begin the day with a full cup (no pun intended) and keeps me inspired to continue making clean nutritional choices.


When it comes to transforming exercise into ritual, it's all about intention. When we connect to our bigger reason for moving, we allow ourselves a chance to commit and show up without pushing from a place of punisment or duty.  Connect to how you want to move and choose to do so because you love your body and love the way that it makes you feel. And if it hurts to do something - don't do it.


Your skincare routine is a great place to start in terms of ritual as it's something that we're already doing. Whether it's a bar of soap and a simple lotion or a complex ten step routine, we're united in the choice that we make to care for our skin every night. Elevate it by meeting yourself in the mirror, every night, and reconnecting. Lay hands on your skin, lock eyes with yourself and commit to taking a few extra moments to apply/massage your product in with presence in the moment and acceptance for the person staring back.


How we set ourselves up for bed is so important, it's the time our body is resting, repairing and rejuvenating. And when it comes to sleep, its all about quality over quantity. We're huge advocates for a wind-down ritual to initiate sacred sleep. A few of our favourite elements to include are natural wax candles, essential oils and calming crystals such as Amethyst, Celestite or Blue Lace Agate.

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