Blemishes, blackheads, dry patches, redness... all seemingly skin deep issues that can actually tell us a lot about what's going on inside.

Rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), face-mapping draws on the idea that the skin can mirror our internal health. In the same way that traditional reflexology attributes zones of the feet to different internal organs, the foundation of face-mapping suggests that we can "read" the placement of symptoms on the skin and interpret why they are occurring. And that by identifying both types and locations of symptoms, we can decode the messages that our body is sending about internal imbalance and set about bringing these back into harmony.


While face-mapping is certainly a great starting point in exploring what your skin is telling you, we like to take a whole picture approach to remedying imbalances. When we've traced a particular skin symptom back to the organ system responsible, that's where the real work starts. By combining face-mapping with the TCM theory of the Seven Emotions, we can start to link imbalances on the skin not only to an internal organ or system but to the emotion that it's responsible for too.


When we use this whole picture approach, we can start to reframe irregularities and “problematic” areas as opportunities to show up for ourselves in a different way? The time in front of the mirror acts as a window in to our wellness, and a flaw or a breakout becomes a starting point to curate our self-care, our diet, our approach to balance.

So let's explore what might be going on...

FOREHEAD = Digestion


Small bumps of congestion under the skin, hard cystic lumps and deep horizontal lines WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... Inconsistent digestion; constipation or diarrhoea,IBS symptoms; painful bloating, gas or sharp stomach pain EMOTION: Stress DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... Are you eating a diet high in refined sugars and fats? What are your hydration levels like? How is your intake of fibre/leafy greens? EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... Do you feel anxious often? How do you cope with times of high- stress? Do you have a way of unwinding?


WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE... Cystic painful bumps and blocked hair follicles under the brows WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... Indigestion, bloating or acid reflux, excess belly fat EMOTION: Anger DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... Has your alcohol intake been higher than usual? Is your diet high in processed sugars/fats? EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... How do you cope with anger? Are you repressing frustrations in any area of your life? Are there any people or situations you are holding resentment for?

UNDER EYES = Kidneys


Under eye darkness or discolouration, swelling or puffiness in this area WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... Regular UTIs, fatigue or lack of energy, ear infections/problems EMOTION: Fear DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... How is your water intake? And your salt intake? How has your sleep been recently? Quality and quantity? How do you spend 5-7pm? (this is optimal kidney cleansing time) EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... Have you been struggling with anxiety/fear more recently? Are you experiencing uncertainty in your life at the moment? Is there a person/situation unsettling you at this time?

CHEEKS = Lungs


Small under the skin congestion, patches of dryness/rosacea WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... Breathing problems; asthma, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing EMOTION: Sadness DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... What are your exercise levels like? How much time do you spend in polluted areas (traffic/city) What is your home environment like? (cleaning products/upholstery) EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... Have you experienced any upset recently? Could there be any residual sadness from a time of upset? (breakups, loss) Do you allow yourself time to feel this and release it?

NOSE = Heart

WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE... Persistent redness, small whiteheads or blackheads WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... Sleep problems, an overactive mind, extreme emotions; depression or overexcitement EMOTION: Joy DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... How is your caffeine intake? How often do you eat spicy foods? Would you say your diet is more acidic or alkaline? EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... If emotions are a pendulum; from overly excited to extreme sadness - where are yours? How sustainable are your moods?


(linked to liver & digestion)

WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE... Deep cystic spots along the jawline, under the skin bumps around mouth/chin WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE HAPPENING... PCOS symptoms; weight gain, irregular periods, severe PMS; mood swings, period pain EMOTION: Stress and anger DIETARY/LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS... How is your digestion? What is your greens/fibre intake like? What is your blood sugar like? Do you consume a lot of sugar? What's your history with oral contraceptives? EMOTIONAL QUESTIONS... How do you process times of stress? What role does your inner critic play in your life? Do you struggle with suppressing emotions?

FOR MORE INFORMATION on how to use your skin as a starting point and decode what your skin is telling you, please feel free to explore our Bespoke Skin Coaching journeys here.

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