For many of us February can be quite triggering....

Surrounded by the usual Valentines fanfare, reminders of ghosts of relationships past

and more chocolate than you can possibly say no to, it can all start to feel a bit much leaving us stresses, overwhelmed and reaching for the sugar.

So in order to keep the chocolate cravings at bay and help to work through some of that emotional scar tissue from the past, we're sharing this beautiful Cardamon & Rose Quartz Cacao Tonic Ritual below. In equal parts skin-boosting and heart-healing, it also incorporates Rose Quartz crystal elixir for added heart-healing.


CACAO - Everyone's favourite superfood, Cacao is rich in both antioxidants and magnesium which works to ease anxiety and relax muscles (including the heart muscle). It also works to energetically soften the aspects of the heart and dissolve emotional blockages.

ROSE - Most of us are already familiar with Rose as a skincare ingredient, however internally Rose is a wonderful supplement oo. Not only does it ease inflammation and balance the digestive system, but it's also a great nerve tonic and is known in the world of Ayurveda as a heart-balancer.

CARDAMON - This sweet spice is energetically known for its ability to open both the sacral and heart chakra. It's a beautiful aid for for meditation and ritual as it works to ease moments of stress and anxiety, whilst working to dissolve burdens and lessen emotional overwhelm.


The superstar of our tonic, Rose Quartz is undoubtedly the Crystal Queen of all matters of the heart. Symbolic of unconditional love and kindness, she helps to boost self-love and compassion whilst easing anything blocking the heart space. We've also chosen to charge this in the sunlight rather than the moonlight, as the sun infused with added energies of love, abundance and opportunity.


- Cleanse your piece(s) of Rose Quartz in water.

- Place crystals in glass mason jar and fill with filtered water.

- Leave this sealed jar out in the sunlight or on a window sill for 24-48 hours.

- Decant into a dropper bottle and use in recipes such as this or take throughout day.



- 200ml Almond/Oat milk

- 1.5 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder

- 1 Tbsp Rosewater

- 2 pods Cardamon

- 0.5 tsp Raw Honey

- 4-5 drops of Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir

- (optional) 1 tsp Coconut Cream, Dark Chocolate shavings and Rosebuds

  • Break your cardamon pods and place seeds in a saucepan or milk frother along with milk.

  • Separately in a cup, mix cacao with rosewater, crystal elixir and honey and blend to paste.

  • Once milk has warmed, add slowly to mug stirring well.

  • Finish with coconut cream, chocolate shavings and rosebuds (if desired)


Create a sacred space - light a few candles, burn some sage or palo santo and gather your freshly-made tonic, journal and any crystals you'd like to have nearby

Give Gratitude - when we drop into a place of gratitude we immediately begin to work with the heart space. Give thanks for the cacao bean, the rose flower, the rose quartz... for any and all of the blessings in your life.

Set an Intention - Ask the Cacao to move through you and assist with an intention that you are cultivating. This could be clarity around relationship uncertainty, ease around pain or heartbreak, or even authenticity and magnetism when attracting a new partner.

Sip by Sip - As you begin to drink your tonic, savour each sip. Surrender to the aroma, the taste, the texture, the temperature... invite a full sensory experience, breathing in to the warm feeling that arises in the heart space.

Journal it out - Use your journal to free flow anything that comes up as you drink. It could be around the intention you have set out or any associated emotions or memories that come up. Make space for anything that arises - all is welcome.

Meditate - You may want to close the space with a meditation. We love to use our rose quartz tumble stones in both hands and pop on a guided meditation.

(images sourced from Pinterest and My Vegan Minimalist)

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