No one likes a breakout. At best they're inconvenient and annoying, and at worst they can feel almost debilitating! However the chances of you living life without a breakout is highly unlikely as they're simply a natural symptom of your body releasing stored toxins.

My own skin journey has seen everything from the occasional pimple to weeks of what seemed like never-ending breakouts, so I like to think I'm somewhat of an expert when it comes to action plans!

Below is your Pimple SOS guide - the low-down on how to help them heal as swiftly as possible.


Keep the area clean and make-up free whenever possible. By all means wear a little cover-up whilst you're out of the house if you want, but avoid anything too clogging where you can and be sure to make cleansing the area the first priority when you get back home.


Reducing swelling and redness by icing can not only help inflamed areas to heal faster, but it can also make breakouts much less visible too. We love this tip as a pre-makeup step to keep everything calm.


Most importantly, don't squeeze. As someone who has struggled with compulsive skin picking, I know the urge all too well. But when we start to dig around, we always make things worse. If it has a visible head, you can nudge that out with a little tissue and light pressure, but anything under the skin needs to be left alone. Always.


If you're struggling with a deep cystic blemish, the best thing to do is leave well alone - which is of course much easier said than done. Try instead applying a small amount of honey or a clay based mask which will not only help coax toxins out, but it'll also keep you from picking too. We also love this cult classic sulphur paste for times when you need blemishes gone overnight.


One of the most difficult things to do when you feel like your skin is conspiring against you, but breakouts really are your body talking to you and inviting you to listen (see Face-Mapping). Try to be patient with your body, love it up with some self-staples like hydration and movement and thank it for the message.

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