If there's one thing we're big on here at HOLISTICA, it's dewy vibrant plumped-up skin. Which is exactly why we fan-girl so hard over Aloe, and in fact while we've added it to all three of our Crystal Mists and to the Skin Whisperer treatment too.

Traditionally found in the dry climates of India and Africa, this dreamy cactus plant has been working double-time helping people to heal wounds, lose weight + soothe digestive disruption for years. With a nutrient-rich molecular structure, it contains a plethora or vitamins, minerals, enzymes + amino acids, as well as the active ingredient in many blemish control products, salicylic acid.

And while it's long been used in ancient medicine, it's more familiar use as a topical agent for sunburn leads us to why it's earnt it's stripes as the most versatile ingredient in the beauty industry. I mean, what else can prime skin, tame flyaway brows + soothe bikini-wax burn all at the same time?Below we take a dive into why we're mad about Aloe and why you should be too:-


Regarded by Ancient Egyptians as the Plant of Immortality, it's hydrating qualities lend themselves well to plumping the visible fine lines of dehydration while it's rich antioxidant profile works hard to counter further oxidisation AKA ageing and pollutive damage.


Our main reason for including it in the Skin Whisperer, is it' ability to soothe + conquer. Not only is Aloe gentle and astringent-free, but it actually forms a protective layer over skin allowing it to heal + rebalance it's moisture levels in double-time.


A great solution for anyone with oily or reactive skin for two main reasons; firstly its oil-free and therefore can hydrate skin without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores. And secondly it contains two super helpful hormones Auxin and Gibberillins that accelerate wound healing + calm inflammation. Great news for angry, breakout-prone, PMS skin.


In exactly the same way that Aloe is wonderful at healing skin on the outside, it's wonderful at healing it on the inside too. Drinking the juice can be particularly helpful to those suffering with digestive problems, as well as those trying to detox for their health and wellbeing. And this in turn can have a secondary affect on the skin leaving it better hydrated + less congested as there is less toxic buildup leaching out of the skin.

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