Welcome to 2018. By now January is well underway, and we don't know about you but we can already feel a big shift in the energy. Despite the drizzle of the British winter, and how bleak this can sometimes feel, it definitely feels like things are more aligned this year and we hope it feels the same for you too. Now over to Neel for a little lunar insight to guide us through the month ahead.


The new moon is the best moment to prepare for your monthly cycle of growth as every new moon indicates a new start.

This month’s new moon is in Capricorn, and it is centred around the healing and recovery of things on planet earth. The moon is engaged in battling against the destructive energy of the world. The energy of the position Pluto and Venus relative to the moon, connects us with our purpose and even shows us how we can realize this. You may feel transformational powers but don’t be surprised if it evokes resistance too. Capricorn carries the energy of a stubborn loner who may meet opposition, but eventually, gets things done with confidence. Use this powerful time to ask yourself some hard questions. Release what no longer serves you. Think about how you can accept your uniqueness, and stand stronger.


I asked the Inner Compass cards “What do we need with this new moon?” And the answer is as powerful as the astrological gathering of the planets. May it guide you during the start of this new cycle: Choose!

The time has come to make a choice. Opportunities can only manifest themselves if you make up your mind. As long as you keep on doubting, nothing or nobody will know which direction it should take. But if you know what you want, the whole universe will conspire to deliver just that. This is the moment to start experiencing the power of choosing. If you say ‘yes’, you will notice how it enables you to go for it completely. And if you say ‘no’, you simultaneously say ‘yes’ to something else that you have now made room for. Pick the energies you allow in your life as consciously as possible. You are not what happens to you, you are what you choose to be. You decide! Only you can take the next step and only you carry responsibility for the path you are on. You and you alone decide where your attention, time and energy go. Take a moment to feel how this is for you. Do you make decisions that benefit you and make you grow, or do you sometimes assume you are unworthy and keep yourself small? Know that it is possible to shift your thinking; you pick your thoughts. Then also be aware of that old truth: everything that you give attention to grows. Whether negative or positive, love or fear, contraction or expansion. The choice is yours.


The Inner Compass deck points out a new way of self-reflection and personal growth. The cards ask you questions and give you insights. They wake you up to the many opportunities you have been missing out on while you were sleepwalking through life.The deck can guide you on a daily basis, or whenever you need answers to specific situations or questions. Anyone can use them, easily, effortlessly and playfully.


I am an entrepreneur and spiritual motivator. After years of stumbling, searching and analyzing, I managed to feel through many life lessons and truly understand their deeper meaning. This led to a surprisingly free existence and inner peace, but it also gave the experience of the 49 life themes that became the foundation of the Inner Compass deck. I would say that I am only the messenger of universal wisdom, available for everyone. I opened up for it, so you can do so too. I now follow my own path, shining my light and inspiring others to do the same. Guiding people to regain their personal power is my life’s passion. The Inner Compass cards provide the basis for this work; coaching, workshops and talks offering the extension to bring as many people as possible closer to living their potential.

Neel and her beautiful cards will be here for more New Moon readings over the next couple of months. And for more information, you can find her over at or follow her dreamy instagram here.

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