We're on that slow creep towards christmas, and it's just about this time of year that evenings and weekends are suddenly occupied by festive social occasions and christmas cocktails. We know too well how that morning after feels. But while we're still bound to wake up with a sore head, by choosing cleaner choices we can reap some of the beauty-boosting benefits of many of the usual ingredients. This drink's guide promises to hit the nail on the festive head, as well as bringing a variety of skin-smoothing benefits.

Here's a run-down of what to be sipping and serving during the christmas period...


A twist on the classic Gin and Tonic, the addition of both Rosemary and Orange bring an invigorating lift. Rosemary is a fantastic antioxidant, known for it's ability to fight off free radicals and purify skin, whilst orange is packed full of vitamin C great for boosting the immune system and protecting skin's vital functions. Additionally, picking clear spirits is a great way to try and reduce the morning feels as it's generally detoxed easier in the body.

We love this one from My Endless Picnic


Everybody loves a Mojito, and this twist with Green Tea and Cucumber does wonders for the complexion. Green tea is another antioxidant rich choice, but is also rich in inflammatory polphenols, which have antiviral antibacterial properties. Cucumber is a great source of silica, an instrumental component when it comes to building up the collagen matrix. Again opt for light rum to help the hangover, switch the sugar syrup for a shot of agave and you're good to go.

We love this one from The Low Carb Diabetic


Coconut Water helps to counter the dehudrating effects of alcohol whilst providing your body with simple sugars... and pomegranate as well as bring a dash of festive cheer is packed full of

When it comes to a quick drink, we love a good spirit and mixer, and our new favourite has to be Vodka and Coconut Water. Coconut waters high levels of electrolytes restore salt/water depletion and the thought of rehydrating while we're dehydrating is downright genious. We love to add in fruit ice cubes to dress this one up a bit, and for the festive season we're all about pomegranate ice, especially as pomegranate is collagen-boosting and skin-smoothinbg. For the Vodka, we love Tito's because it's organic (happier hangovers) and uses sustainable production methods.

Check out Raisin and Fig for an ice-cube how to


Last but not least, if you're looking to toast, we love a good kombucha fizz. Rich in fermented pro-biotics and great to boost our skin and digestion during the season of overinduglence. Use a flavoured kombucha for a fruity twist, or stick to original for a more traditional taste.

Check out this fruity one our from The Wild Gut.

Looking to help the hangover? Keep your eyes peeled for our "Guide to Overcoming Over-indulgence" coming in the next few weeks.

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