With last night's new moon energy still hanging in the air, we're back with another card reading from the beautiful Neel at Inner Compass cards. Heads up, this one's all about making a little unapologetic time for self-care - perfect as the weekend calls and the weather tempts us all to embrace the great indoors!


The energy of a new moon supports you to see things more clearly. It wakes you up in order to show you your full potential at this moment. Either you face it and learn the lessons it teaches, or you remain circling old beliefs that never help you move forward.

This new moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio's nature is emotional and passionate, yet rigid also as it does not want to deal with it's emotions. Scorpio likes to play with it's power and is not afraid to look into the depths. The burdens that hold you back from renewal and growth come to the surface now, and they rise to show you the route that needs clearing before you can reach your higher potential. Take this opportunity to dive deeply inwards.


When I asked the Inner Compass desk: "What do readers of this message need now to team up with the energy of the Scorpio new moon?", then ME-TIME card came out. It makes a lot of sense don't you think? To be able to search "inside", it is essential to spend time by yourself. The card state: Give yourself one of the most valuable gifts - me-time! Such a great gift and yet we struggle with it. It seems there is always so much to do and never enough time.

To handle time well, it is important to use the short, but tricky word "no" on a regular basis. Sometimes that means hard choices and discipline, but you gain the world from it. No matter how sociable you are, it's very healthy to also be by yourself once in a while. In the end, going through life without moments of alone time is exhausting for everyone. To be alone has nothing to do with loneliness. When you feel lonely, this often comes through a sense of incompleteness, like something is missing and there is a disconnection. On the other hand, enjoying time alone creates space so you can charge yourself up and feel whole from the inside out. You are connecting with yourself. It might sound like a paradox, but when you withdraw every now and then to have some personal space, your capacity to connect with others will increase enormously!


The Inner Compass deck points out a new way of self-reflection and personal growth. The cards ask you questions and give you insights. They wake you up to the many opportunities you have been missing out on while you were sleepwalking through life.The deck can guide you on a daily basis, or whenever you need answers to specific situations or questions. Anyone can use them, easily, effortlessly and playfully.


I am an entrepreneur and spiritual motivator. After years of stumbling, searching and analyzing, I managed to feel through many life lessons and truly understand their deeper meaning. This led to a surprisingly free existence and inner peace, but it also gave the experience of the 49 life themes that became the foundation of the Inner Compass deck. I would say that I am only the messenger of universal wisdom, available for everyone. I opened up for it, so you can do so too. I now follow my own path, shining my light and inspiring others to do the same. Guiding people to regain their personal power is my life’s passion. The Inner Compass cards provide the basis for this work; coaching, workshops and talks offering the extension to bring as many people as possible closer to living their potential.

Neel and her beautiful cards will be here for more New Moon readings over the next couple of months. And for more information, you can find her over at or follow her dreamy instagram here.

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