As you may know by now, around here we've rejected the idea of typical skin types from the way we formulate our products to the way we advise people to use them. We're much more passionate about the skin you are creating - your SKINTENTIONS. And because of this, we wanted to get you a little better acquainted with these three skin goals that we've chosen to underpin the brand.

Today's focus is by far the SKINTENTION we see most women reaching for, and probably the most overused buzzword in the beauty wellness space - the infamous GLOW.

When we think of GLOW, we imagine what it would be like to finally attain it. The feeling of radiance and optimal wellness obviously, but also the passion and enthusiasm for life. The glowing woman with her fulfilling job, exciting social calendar and well used yoga membership. She eats her greens, passes on the second coffee, wears her good underwear on a tuesday, and strides confidently into the road, casually stopping traffic in perfectly put-together ensembles.

Okay we're gettin​​g carried away now, but the general direction of the glowing woman is synonymous with the fullest version of ourselves, shining at maximum brightness. And while we can't become this person for you, we can certainly recommend a couple of self-care tips to point you in the right direction.

WAKE UP AND... Dry body brush - If you haven't started this popular morning practice yet, then nows your chance. Not only does it allow for a wonderful morning dose of exfoliation for dead skin cells, but the long upward strokes work to improve circulation and encourage healthy lymph flow. Super helpful for aiding with detoxification, weight loss and a healthy immune system. As well as of course helping to flush congested toxins away and keep skin clear. Try this brush from Aromatherapy Associates or find a similar one on Amazon.

SIP ON... Collagen infused drinks - It seems everyones on the collagen craze nowadays, and we're definite fans too! Vitness is a wonderful new brand we stumbled across who've absolutely nailed this gap in the market, and have created the most delightful natural collagen drinks. Rhubarb and Rose is our favourite, and we've been known to use it to lengthen prosecco for an indulgent friday night cocktail.

ADD IN... Fermented foods - It really is true that good skin begins in the gut, and because of this we're huge advocates of probiotic rich fermented foods. Our personal favourites include chopping sauerkraut onto the top of our avocado toast or adding a spicy little spoonful of kimchi into stirfries, but even kombucha counts!

WHIP UP... Golden Milk - It seems that the list of benefits for turmeric are never-ending, so we could hardly leave it out! It is rumoured to delay the premature signs of ageing, slowing down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. What could be better! Check the recipe out here

NIBBLE ON... Berry trailmix - blueberries, raspberries & dried goji berries. When it comes to glow-boosting snacks, low sugar berries have to be our ultimate go to. Not only are they delicious but they're also high in pollution-fighting antioxidants. We like to make little portion sizes in our old empty mask jars, but that's just us.

SPRINKLE OVER... Bee Pollen - the ultimate beauty booster, this yellow powder is a mineral, enzyme and amino-rich superfood. Added to smoothies, juices desserts and bliss balls, it's also great for immune support and helping build tolerance to seasonal allergies.

THINK ABOUT... "Who dulls your shine?" It's a difficult one to explore, but sometimes there are people in our life that are more of a drain than a fountain. These people who you spend time with and leave feeling tired and depleted. Around this time of year when the seasons and temperatures are in transition, it helps to prioritize yourself and keep those energy reserves topped up. Take some time out and reassess which people you choose to give your energy to, and which social occasions will charge you up.

INDULGE IN... The Glow-Inducer Treatment mixed with yoghurt and a dash of honey. Not only is the treatment mask formulated with brightening rosehip, acai and afore mentioned bee pollen, but mixing the lactic acid in the yoghurt will act as a natural exfoliator, with the honey smoothing.

WIND DOWN BY... Adding a couple of spoonfuls of spirulina to your bath. You already have your face mask mixed and ready, now it's just time to relax into the bath. As our skin is one big organ able to absorb all that it comes into contact with, adding superfoods to your bath literally increases your surface area for absorbing their goodies.

What do you do to keep yourself glowing? Let us know in the comments below...

And to explore GLOW further, check out our Glowing Range here

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