A recent Fashion Communications graduate and having worked with brand profiles such as La Roche-Posay and Charlotte Tilbury, Olivia has joined as our PR & Marketing Skintern and we're super excited for you to meet her below...

Why did you want to join HOLISTICA?

I studied Fashion Communication and Promotion at university and now transferring those skills to an actual brand is so exciting. I believe everyone excels when they do something they are passionate about, and I'm super passionate about all things to do with makeup or skincare. My life also completely changed once I started to do yoga and it opened my mind to believing in the power of crystals and alternative medicines, and the effect natural products can have on everything from health, to skin to mental wellbeing.

What does your Morning Routine look like?

It never changes; I wake up and drink a pint of water, then do 15 minutes of yoga, have an excessively hot shower whilst listening to music, and then have my very much needed cup of morning coffee to start my day. I've also just added the Crystal Mist when I first wake up which definitely helps me feel more refreshed).

What's your Insider tip for glowy skin?

I believe in the power of water and making sure you drink at least 2 litres a day. I also think that being mindful of the food you eat too and making sure you're eating the right health foods can definitely help keep you glowing, as well as using skincare products that work to help your skin look as radiant as it can by exfoliating and hydrating. And of course a good highlighter never hurts!

Describe your dreamy self-care sunday?

Because I always wear makeup, Sundays is my no makeup day and I really like to pamper my skin. I start bt exfoliating, and always end with a face mask... And I always make sure I have a bath with lots of essential oils! (Mainly lavender) I'll also have a nice long walk with my dog Rodney as I feel that being out in nature is so good for your mind + your wellbeing. And will probably finish with a Sunday roast because Sunday is always a cheat day, pure self-indulgence!

What does #SUPERHIGHVIBESKIN mean to you?

High vibe skin for me is the understanding of what our bodies need inside and out, healing not only on the outside but on the inside too. The crystals in the skincare products add their own healing properties, so #SUPERHIGHVIBESKIN is about being able to give yourself this self-love through the products you use!

Quick Fire Round...

If you were a Crystal you'd be... Amethyst

Never-leave-at-home Make-up Product? Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush

Best advice you've ever received? Believe in what the universe has in store for you; always stay positive.

Favourite Natural beauty product? Can I say the I am Nourished Crystal Mist

Fun Fact? I've been collecting Vogue since I was 12

Mirror Mantra of choice... 'Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness if the new cool'

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