I first fell down the rabbit hole of wellness in my early twenties when the side-effects of years of self-destruct mode had finally begun to catch up with me.


I had wound up with chronic digestive problems, recurrent cold sores and problematic skin as a result. And after squeezing, scratching and picking each and every pore on my face, I decided enough was enough. Desperate to step away from band-aid solutions, I began to move towards a more natural approach.


I dedicated myself to studying nutritional wellness, researching the beauty industry, working with experienced alternative therapists and experimenting with the holistic solutions available.  I suddenly found myself mid-twenties realising that while a lot had changed on the outside, the story was the same inside... Sure I had monthly acupuncture sessions in the calendar, avoided dairy/sugar like the plague, and wouldn't use cosmetics that weren't certified organic, but there was a bigger piece missing. And this was a piece of self-acceptance.

Now I understand that a bottle of elixir isn't going to be the sole reason you suddenly learn to love yourself, but my deepest wish is that it can be a daily reminder for you to reconnect with yourself. The morning ritual that reminds you to infuse your day with gratitude + possibility, allows you to press reset on a stressful day of deadlines and self-criticism, and prompts you to wipe the slate clean + forgive yourself for being unique and perfectly imperfect.


Now my passion lies in empowering woman to reconnect to their radiance by sharing the ritual of plant magic that has worked for me both on a cellular level and a spiritual one, as well as providing the inspiration and emotional support to help them build their own roadmaps to super-high vibe skin.

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